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Ben and Danny by swatgunn
Ben and Danny

Anyone ever read Ben 10 or Danny Phantom fanfiction? Yikes.

Ben became a Gary-Stu that everyone tries to live through vicariously so they can have a harem of women.

Danny became the embodiment of angst, whose entire life is made horrible for no reason, like some sort of amateur deconstruction fic. And then he tells Superman how much he sucks because he has enough self-control not to kill people.


I’ll settle for adventure and heroism. I read comics, whatever deconstructive idea you have has been done, and reconstructed.

Supergirl and Shazam by swatgunn
Supergirl and Shazam
This is me adding a slight deviation to my normal "two people standing next to each other" cliche.


You know back in 2012 when Geoff Johns released the "curse of shazam" mini-series all of my negative expectations were met. I felt legitimately offended by the absolute 180 that Billy’s personality had taken, and the miserable tone his story was being told in.

“What you don’t like character development?” They’d say to me.

“It’s more realistic now.”

“He’s not cheesy anymore.”

Yeah because I wanted my big red cheese to be less cheesy. Over time I eventually conceded to the idea that maybe I was lashing out too quickly. So what if I didn’t like the changes? It could get better. Maybe he really will grow into a better stronger character instead of being to a generic jerk with a heart of gold (like everyone else in the new 52, because apparently it’s realistic for altruistic people to secretly be cynical grumps).

Well it’s been about three years, and Billy hasn’t done much besides establish himself as the problem child of the Justice League. He’s still a jerk, and he’s still childish. I’m not even upset that he’s not called Captain Marvel anymore because he’s not even the same character as before. What really upsets me is how easily he was thrown onto DC’s backburner and left to play the role of a bratty kid just to make the rest of the equally immature Justice League look more competent when they scold him.

Just give him a book, please?

Preferably one with someone who can tolerate his childishness, but at the same time have some fun with him and who brings out his better nature. I mean they did it for Supergirl, and pretty much every story about her in the past decade has been about how angry and miserable she is being on Earth. You know what else is realistic DC?










Fun (You know what fun is right?)

Let someone smile for goodness sake! A real smile, with teeth, and eye creases. Maybe a giddy laugh once in a while. Not those all-knowing smirks and terrifying “I’m gonna kick your ass” grins that Shazam always has.

You already took Static and made him boring, and then canceled him.

Then you took Blue Beetle and made him angsty. Despite the entire appeal of the original comics being his strong bond with his friends and family. And then you cancelled him!

I like Superman as much as the next guy. But I also have my favorites outside of the main seven. None of them have books, and some of them don’t even appear in anything. Billy is still around, and I hope to God he gets a good book very soon.

'You Dozed Off Again' by swatgunn
'You Dozed Off Again'
I made this months ago and never posted it.
This is a thing I thought of. It'll probably never go beyond this. One day though, I'll get gud at backgrounds.
I Bet I'm Stronger Than You by swatgunn
I Bet I'm Stronger Than You
This is based on an idea I had, where Captain Marvel (Billy Batson) met characters from the Marvel Universe. In this case, he meets Molly Hayes (aka Princes Powerfull, aka That girl with a-million awsome hats). She seems to think she's stronger than him. But since they're not idiots the'll probably just arm-wrestle or throw boulders at mountains. You know, instead of fighting eachother like every superhero encounter ever.
The Other Universe (Title Page) by swatgunn
The Other Universe (Title Page)
The title cover for a fan-fiction I'm writing. It's also the first image I've ever fully colored in Sai with a tablet.
 It's a little spoiler-y, but not really.


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